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Making a Web Ad!

I've been thinking I need to post more often, so all of my updates aren't huge!

On Tuesday I saw that this blog I read, Cute in Korea (seriously, read ittt! I want to celebrate Pepero Day this year!), was selling some ad space, and I thought we could try advertising Amelia on there. It's an awesome travel blog by an illustrator, Miss Kika, who is living in South Korea - and I thought that our style would fit, since our characters on the cute, Asian-inspired side. Even more than that though - the audience that would read a cute travel blog is totally in line with the audience I designed this game for! It's a game for "non-gamers," (but it's still definitely challenging!) - and so far I am finding that of my friends that have bought it, my girlfriends are the ones that are really sticking with it. :) I really hope that putting the ad on a non-game blog introduces more people to our game.   

Making the ad was sort of a funny process for me, so I thought I'd post it. I kept "finishing" it, sending it to Issam going "here's the final version!" and then noticing small details and updating it... Overall it ended up taking up a huge chunk of my day. 

First ideas - since we use the Amelia profile for our icons, etc: 

I sent Miss Kika an email asking about the ad and she recommended making something as cute as possible - and I realized that our icon was definitely more "cool & tough" than "cute". Haha! So I thought about what other images we had, and chose the finish line shot from the intro

This was the final.

Here are a bunch of the small changes I made through the course of the day. :)


Trouble Impact Merchandise

We made a store!! Right now there's a lot of Amelia stuff like shirts, mugs, and keychains, as well as some Trouble Impact logo items. 

You can check it out here!: Trouble Impact Store

All of the shirts are available in different styles! The preview images are all women's shirts, but they are available for men and children as well!  

Some of the items: 


Amelia vs. the Marathon - Available on the Nabi 2 Tablet!


Amelia is available on the Nabi 2 tablet! For more information about the tablet, go here: http://www.nabitablet.com/


Amelia vs. the Marathon - Now Available on Mac & Amazon

Amelia is now available on the Mac App Store & Amazon Digital Games Store!



Amelia vs. the Marathon - Out Today!!

We did it!! You can buy the game RIGHT NOW for the following devices!

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): 



Kindle Fire: 

PC (direct download):

It will be coming soon to the Mac App Store, and the Amazon Digital Games Store!


Release Date: Feb. 15!

Amelia vs. the Marathon is coming out February 15!

Platforms: iOS, Android, Nook, Kindle Fire, PC & Mac App Store!


Meet the Bosses: Boss #3

Update: we've submitted Amelia vs. the Marathon to the Apple App Store!! It should be out *fingers crossed* in a couple of weeks. :)

Also, you can like Amelia on Facebook here for updates!: http://www.facebook.com/AmeliavstheMarathon 


Meet the Bosses: Boss #2


Meet the Bosses: Boss #1


New Videos!

Gameplay Summary Trailer:

It's very similar to the old one, but using the final build.


Gameplay Video:

Intro Video: 

(It's not actually different, but now it's available in HD!)