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Weekly Blog Update: Part-Timers

I'm still working on my contract which is why this update is so late!!

There's not a lot to report at the moment. Issam is still trying to figure out good ways to advertize the Coloring Book, but so far it really hasn't been selling! We had a meeting at the beginning of the week to talk about the future of Trouble Impact (since we are running out of money) and it looks like we might have to get full time jobs and work on our games on the side. I will post more about this in the future when things get a little more solidified!

For now, you can help us out by telling your friends about the Coloring Book! Do it for Miles!!


Weekly Blog Update: Coloring Book!

We're still on vacation this week (hence the super late update!!), but it's another opportunity to remind everyone that the Coloring Book is out on PC now!! You can get it here!

We were also listed in the Top 10 Local Video Games of the Austin Chronicle! 

And I wrote a little blurb on The Last Guardian for this Gamasutra article!


Weekly Development Update: Coloring Book & Winter Holidays!

There's not a lot to post this week since I'm on vacation, but this can serve as another reminder that the Coloring Book is out!!

Please help us spread the word! It's just $5 and you can buy it directly from our website!

Issam has been spending the week experimenting with online ads. Maybe in a couple of weeks he can do a writeup about what he's learned! 

Miles is staying with a friend this week!


Color Thief: Coloring Book is Out Now!!

The Coloring Book is out now!

You can BUY IT HERE for just $5! The Coloring Book also includes the Color Thief demo!

Here's the official description: Color Thief: Coloring Book is a 3D coloring book where you play as a chameleoen who can absorb color and transfer it from one place to another. You have access to unlimited color to color a variety of environments. When you're done, use the Photo Mode to take pictures and share them with friends!

If you purchased the Coloring Book earlier, you will be getting an email with the update (for free) shortly!

I hope you all enjoy it, and please let us know if you have any questions or issues!

<3 <3 <3


Weekly Blog Update: Ads & Menus

We're getting really close to releasing the Coloring Book!! This week I've been working on some more ads! I'm trying to make a variety so we can see what works and what doesn't! The finals aren't this compressed - these are just gif versions for the blog. (The ones that color in don't keep looping, btw!)



Issam has been putting some finishing touches on the Coloring Book menus! He also added the tutorial. So close!!

Miles has been continuing to be adorable


Weekly Blog Update: Thanksgiving!

Posting early this week since we're taking Thursday & Friday off!! 

I'm still working away on ads! This is a gif of an interactive ad I just finished! (https://tinypng.com/ really helped me get the ad small enough for Google Ads!) 

Issam finished the UI for the Coloring Book mode, and added sound effects! The Coloring Book will be done pretty soon!!!

Miles is already in vacation mode!


Weekly Blog Update: Banner Ads

I know we haven't actually announced a release date for the Coloring Book, but it's coming up soon so this week I've been working on some ad banners! I'm working in Google Web Designer.

I also have these 2 which aren't animated yet!

Issam is still working away on getting the Coloring Book ready! This week he's mostly been adding controller support and fixing bugs!

Miles has just been doing his thing.



Last weekend I participated in the Austin VR Jam! We didn't actually finish a game, but we were doing a sort of robot vet/mechanic game. I made this robot horse!


Weekly Blog Update: Coloring Book Trailer & Website!

Not a lot of in-game stuff to show this week, but progress is being made on the Coloring Book and behind the scenes!

Starting with our new Coloring Book trailer!!

And if you watched to the end, you may have noticed that the Coloring Book website is live!

There have also been some changes to our Color Thief website too, if you want to check it out! We've included a little more info about the game, and a few more gifs. :)

We've also got a Greenlight page set up for the game, but it's not going to go live for a little while still. Here's our cool icon:

Issam is hard at work finishing up the Coloring Book, and we should be announcing the release date very soon. The plan is to release it before the end of the year, so it will be pretty soon!

Here's Miles helping me test something (j/k we were totally playing Life is Strange)

This week I'm participating in the Austin VR jam, so I'll hopefully have some cool stuff to show next week!