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Cat is working on a contract this week, so I will be taking over doing the blog post :) 

We have been on vacation for the last couple of weeks but during that time we had a few ads running on the Google ad network and the Facebook ad network. Our main goal was to see if it's possible to sell a game using only internet ads. While we still need to do more tests I wanted to share some of the stats we collected. This a number blog post :)

From December 17 to January 6 we had around 500 visits from ads (we limited the spending, the goal is to figure out if this has a chance of working or not). 

The average cost of a click/visit was:

Google: $0.70

Facebook: $2.00 

We currently sell the game for $5, after taxes and processing fees we should be left with around $3.5 per sales. Meaning that for visit from Google ads we need to sell at least 1 copy of the game every 5 visits, and for Facebook ads at least 1 every 1.75 visits. Sadly we sold 0 copy for 500, so that's not looking good right now.

If we look at more stats we can try to figure out what is happening. We are using Google Analytics to collect stats from each visit, and a javascript plugin called "Scroll Depth" (http://scrolldepth.parsnip.io/) to measure how far people are scrolling down the page.

For reference, here is how our page looked at the start:


 This does not show the humble bundle widget we have after the screenshots. 

 Using the "Scroll Depth" plugin we got those stats from December 17th to 18th:

146 visits

31% scrolled at least 25% of the page

14% scrolled at least 75% of the page


The header of at the top of the page was a fullscreen header, this mean that nearly 70% of the visitor did not scroll at all, they just saw the header and left. We decided to make the header smaller to give a clear hint that there's something else on the page and hopefully have people scroll.

 From December 19th to January 6th, with the smaller header, we measured:

364 visits

55% scrolled at least 25% of the page

30% scrolled at least 75% of the page

This is a big improvement, but it still mean that half the people don't scroll at all and just leave the page after it loaded. From the same period, if we separate the number based on Facebook or Google ads we get:


56% scrolled at least 25% of the page

36% scrolled at least 75% of the page


46% scrolled 25%

25% scrolled 75%

What we can assume is that anyone that scrolled at least 75% of the page was somewhat interested, and that everyone else clicked on the ads but were not interested (meaning they just clicked not knowing what they would be shown, or they are fake clicks) 

Looking at those numbers again it now means the cost of an "interested click" is higher, 

Facebook: A click that scroll at least 75% costed on average $5.50

Google: A click that scroll at least 75% costed on average $1.95

This seems to imply that when selling our game at $5 (and only keeping $3.50) of that, we can't realy make money out of Facebook ads and we need to sell at least 1 copy every 1.8 visits for Google ads. Clearly this is not realistic (even forgetting the fact we did not sell any copy at all from all those visits)

Our next test would be to try to modify the game webpage to fit all the information on the screen, not requiring any scrolling, to see if that will help generate some sales by making the webpage "simpler". The only way to make those ads price affordable would be to raise the price, but that won't mean much if we don't get anyone buying the game.


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