Brainstorming - Marathon Runner
Sunday, May 6, 2012 at 11:06PM
Cat in Ideas, Marathon Runner


Summary: Play as a marathon runner and try to beat your best time - despite coming up against obstacles such as other runners, delivery trucks and spaceships, which you must defeat in turn-based combat.

Description: A linear, replayable 10-15min adventure in which you must defeat a sequence of characters as fast as possible to get the best marathon time. Battles are short, turn-based fights with timing mini-games that determine power of attack, and effectiveness of defense. If you get 3 ‘perfect hits’ in a row, you go into a “Runner’s High” and unlock special attacks and temporarily boost your stamina (which functions as a sort of ‘mana’).

The clock is always running, so you must do everything you can to keep up your character’s speed, which also replaces a traditional health bar. If the bar falls to zero, it’s game over. Once defeated, enemies drop items that can be used during and after battle, which offer various benefits. Level up your character by defeating enemies efficiently to earn XP, and unlock new attacks, higher top speeds, and better stamina. When you’ve completed a race – start over again from level one to try to beat your best time using the skills and strategies you have learned.  

Platform: iOS



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