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Marathon Runner - Placeholders!

We're making progress, I promise!

For one update, we've changed the design a bit from the original concept. It felt just a little too random that dog walkers and slow herds of old ladies would be deliberately attacking you (when in real life, they're just totally oblivious that you're trying to run on the same path as them, and why shouldn't they be taking up the whole thing, wildly swinging their arms around while talking to their friends who all walk shoulder to shoulder, forcing you to run off of the path through the mud?) - so I started to think maybe they shouldn't attack you, in which case it felt pretty messed up that you would be trying to attack them. I briefly considered turning it into a game about trying to pass people, which would feel more like real life running.

After brainstorming a bit with Issam, we decided that really the aim of the game was to try to get the best possible time and the 'attacks' fit with than in an interesting way that we wanted to keep. Thus, the shadowy, jealous figure of your arch nemesis was born. Now there's a person that wants you to do poorly for ...some reason... that has sent his/her minions after you to slow you down. Now the relationship is clear - also a bit cliche, which is just fine. :) 

Also I would like to note that as I have a general policy of non-violence, the 'attacks' are stuff like, throwing your hat (you have an infinite supply), and maybe stomping the ground so there's a little shockwave that makes them lose their balance. No hitting! Likewise, your enemies are 'attacking' you in more indirect ways. I liked the pizza throwing, so the idea now is that they have stolen things from people in the park, and are using them to slow you down, not beat you up. 

In the way of progress, this week I've been making placeholder characters and animations, while Issam has been scripting the encounters. Right now they are just boxes linked to Bipeds (we're using Max) :) I won't show them all, since I think the game will be more fun if you don't know all of the characters before you play it. 

Pizza delivery bike

Horse rider

Hot air balloon

I also got the idea for a wacky intro animation sequence before falling alseep the other night, so I took a couple of days and made a really rough animation, even though really I know I should have been working on gameplay first. ;) I think it was helpful in terms of setting the tone though. Issam wants me to save it to post later. 

This is how I thumbnail!

Can you tell anything that's happening??

Here are just a few stills from the video I made. This character is not the final character - (she's our Unity Asset Store character that we were originally making for a running app we canned). We both feel like she's wayyy too cute for this game. Not quite the tone we want. 

A shadowy figure...

I'll try to post more often, so I don't have to do it all in one big chunk next time. :D

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