Brainstorming - E-Sports Champion
Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 09:33PM
Cat in Ideas

Summary: Become the world’s greatest E-Sports Champion by besting established champions, rivals, and mysterious, mask-wearing challengers in over the top battles by balancing gameplay actions with managing your stress level!

Description: Climb to the top in the glamorous world of E-Sports one match at a time in a linear epic featuring a cast of ridiculously awesome opponents. Frantically manage gameplay actions such as typing really fast to fill up your attack meter and defending against attacks, while at the same time keeping your stress level down. Special attacks are full screen events which show over the top animations of your opponents getting blasted by your attacks (a la Beyblade), while regular attacks and defense moves show smaller scale animated feedback.   




Showing a successful attack:


Opportunity for Special Attack:


Special Attack Animation: 


Some potential opponents:

(Yes, that's his computer that he's riding in)

There's always a guy with a mask. He can probably fly also. 

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