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Prototyping - Color Thief

Doing some initial level designs to start figuring out the nuts and bolts of this idea. Built some in 3D so we can start some actual prototyping. 

These are the rules!:


  • You're a chameleon who is trying to progress from the start to the end of the map without getting spotted by guards or cameras. 
  • You can change into the same color as a wall by touching it. 
    • If you keep holding, you fill up your red, blue and yellow color gauges - which allow you to stay a color while not holding onto a wall. The guage drains if you are not touching a wall of that color.
    • You can also use these color guages to mix secondary colors (orange, purple, green - although you are green by default).
    • You can never turn white or black!
  • Guards/Cameras are represented in these designs by the magenta dots. In cases where there are dotted lines, the AI move along that path. 
    • If you are between the AI's line of sight and a wall of a certain color, you cannot be seen if you are the same color as the wall (you don't necessarily have to be pressed against the wall - just in front of it). 
    • If an AI spots you, he will chase you. He is a bit faster than you, and will catch you eventually, but you can lead him a ways before getting caught. 
  • Other stuff:
    • Some levels have pipes that you can climb upside-down on (since chameleons are good climbers) - you can't be seen while you are climbing above the guards.
    • Some levels have vents that you can go through. The idea is that you are small enough that you can crouch by a vent and remain hidden. 
    • The maps with little diagonal lines with dotten marks are doors that you can close. 


Camera & Controls: We're currently thinking the game will be isometric, and stationary (but maybe in some cases the camera will pull in, like when you're climbing on a pipe). Also you will be able to rotate the camera around by 90 degrees or so to figure out what's happening in the whole level. Controls need to be figured out - probably WASD, and the color guage will be mouse controlled. 

More maps: 

More models:


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