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Brainstorming - Color Thief

You play as a chameleon diamond thief, who is out to steal the Rainbow Diamond! Sneak floor by floor through the hotel which houses the diamond, avoiding & manipulating guards with your ability to soak color from, and add color to your environment.  

  • You have color gauges (Red, Yellow, Blue) which are filled by soaking color from objects, and spent by using them to camouflage yourself with the environment
    • Color is constantly soaked from the color gauge as long as you maintain the camouflage
    • Might have cases where some colors don’t ‘cost’ pigment?
  • You need to make physical contact with something to soak color from it, or camouflage with it. (You can use your tongue to reach far away surfaces also!)
  • Different guards react differently to color. For example, bull guards charge at the color red. Robots travel along colored paths (blue squares only) so you can change their path by changing the color of floor tiles.  
    • Idea: certain doors only open for robots, so you need to lead them there to get through the door
  • The camera would be top down, since you are trying to stay out of the line of sight of different guards


Could choose what color to soak from a wall - so if it’s orange, you could soak out yellow to make it red, so the bull would charge it

Could also have guards notice when a wall is missing color - there’s a big ‘hole’ in a wall where the pigment is gone, so they gather at that point to investigate it

If we had pattern matching - you would be visible if you weren’t in line with the pattern exactly (like, if it was vertical stripes, but you weren’t lined up correctly. That way it’s only effective in a particular rhythm.


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